Pygame : Apollo Lander

In July 2019, I produced, using Pygame Zero and Python, a (very) simple Apollo moonlander game - details on it can be found at

I wanted to test that I could do the same thing in PyGame (and Python) - literally can I do it. 

The lander

  • has to touch a red rectangle on the surface; 
  • the mouse is used to move it in the correct direction. 
  • When the lander touches the red rectangle:
    • a sound is played
    • the lander resets for another run;
    • the target moves to a new location.

Two images were used

I am trying it out in Trinket (see below); so that there isn't a need to install Python or Pygame first.

You can run it here if you just want to play.

Have a go yourself and please feel free to comment and share what you did to change it. There are lots of improvements that could be made;  please share them. Some ideas to extend it

  • What do you do if it misses the target?
  • Could a booster be added that changes the image to include a flame?

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