Building an artificial neuron in Scratch

1. Single Neurone


  • Set the inputs by pressing the buttons marked input 1 and input 2 (Red is off(False or 0) and Green is on(True or 1))
  • Change the weights by changing weights 1 to 3, wx goes with input x and weight 3 is the bias.
  • To activate the neuron you need to click on the the yellow ball ('the neuron').

The video below show it in action and explains the code.

To see the code go to .

A slight modification click on the bell to change the weights

The code is available at

2. Training a Neurone
In this part, the training of a neuron all written in Scratch is tackled. The video shows it action and you can have a go at using the software yourself at the end of the post. The Scratch code can be found at

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