Thursday, 21 August 2014

C Programming material

Another new Open Education Resource (OER) has been made available by the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton.

C Programming

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Created: 11 August 2014, by School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton
In this material you will be introduced to some of the principles of programming, and specifically learn to write fairly simple programs using a programming language called C. An idea central to this material is that programming is about problem solving; you write a program to solve a particular problem. It is hoped that at the end of the material you should see that there is nothing magical or mysterious about programming. One of the features some people like about programming is you are making the computer do what you want. During the programming exercises, do not worry about making mistakes. In this material you will be expected to try out programs and eventually write your own. The target audience is anyone who wants to learn a programming language or is looking for some assessment questions around programming. The material was originally aimed at second year engineering students at the University of Northampton.
Published: 11 August 2014, by 
Keywords: C Programming; Programming; Problem solving; Computer science; Computing 

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